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openvpn gui manager

Posted on: April 2, 2008

OpenVPN User Manager 1.1

Basically, most of this post is taken from http://www.mertech.com.au/mertech-products-openvpnusermanager.aspx. OpenVPN user manager is a tool to manage the openvpn server. this tool is designed to make viewing and managing your OpenVPN server painless. This is features of OpenVPN User Manager 1.1 :
1. General information about users
2. Instant search of users, servers, logs and time blocks
3. Tracking of users, collects connection/disconnection times and bytes sent/received.
4. Ability to ‘Kill’ users from the application
5. Custom log file creator (you can make your own templates for data logs)
6. OpenVPN User Manager can now use the Management console to receive all information
7. [Removed] Full ASP.NET 2.0 web server built in with web access to server information (removed in version 1.0 due to rewrite)
8. Pie Chart of user’s upload and download.
9. Ability to switch between a Management connection or a status file to update users

How to setup :

Set the management option in your openVPN configuration file

add this line on your configuration file :

management 7505 pass.txt

Then click start your openvpn user manager 1.1. Click manage server and add server. After that fill IP address, port and password. The password is the first line on pass.txt. Finally you can monitor your openvpn server.

This is sreenshots openvpn user manager that i used.

openvpn guitabel openvpnmngr

8 Responses to "openvpn gui manager"

Wow… How Expert you are!
I don’t understand it, Man….?

sugoi kore (sangar rek) !!
as expected from ITB’s vpnadm like you, bro ^_^

btw, i can still read damar132 and fmipa as the vpn user from your picture, ta 😀

@ Coro
intine iku software nggo monitoring vpn cor

@ Reza
wah yo ora to rez.. jek ketok to?? padahal wes tak burem2 ke banget 😀

OK, just a little bit understand.

-ho oh… masih kelihatan, mas damar132 dkk-

udah nyoba om servernya bagus 😀
sayng kok klo udah konek pertama kali ,abis itu kok susah buat konek lagi ya klo udah di dc ‘in openvpn nya?

eh salah ketik … 😛 kok server,
programnya 😀 maksudnya

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